soon in a plane heading to barcelona!
just in time!

riding through Texas

6:30 am at the buttermilk

breakfast and let’s go!


nice crag

my ankle is better . damn this cànyon is so amazing

it’s the view i have waking up this morning
sleeping on the floor :)

4:30am local Time. Jetlag is à réal thing.


in las vegas red rocks tomorrow morning
looks like i was the only guy here to do that :)

I had a drink before the flight. It helps Sleeping.
The computers are not working!!

I’m at the gate. America. Here i come.

On the train to cdg2. Like a normal guy.

Just passing by at the office at 1130 before my flight so Edwyn behind me could Lend me his go pro.
It’s 1200. And the last checkîn is at 1310
Let’s do this.

Ps: i was counting on those croissant @blagapart/babacar

Road trip climbing


my plane is in 4 hour. and My bag is still not ready. AHH I’m late.

I created an another tumblr for the occasion. if you want to follow my trip in some ways: